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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit: Save Your Wedding Day with This List

A wedding day is bound to have a snag here and there. These 36 items will help keep the fun going, and you feeling cool, calm, and collected. Chances are you won’t need *everything* on this list, but better to have them available so a little snag easily becomes a quick fix.

  1. Heel Stoppers

    • Not just for the bride, the bridesmaid too, and mothers and possibly grandmothers. Basically, anyone who will be walking down a grassy aisle in heels needs heel stoppers. You want everyone coming down the aisle to feel confident, with heads up and smiling, not looking at the ground because their heels keep sinking. This is also a good little addition to bridesmaid gift bags
  2. Rain Boots

    • Mobile, AL area is consistently one of the rainiest areas in the country. Rain boots can help get you from point A to point B without getting your Jimmy Choo’s muddy. They can also make for fun puddle pictures. If rain happens on your day, it’s best to embrace it. After all, we can’t control the weather, so dance in the rain.
  3. Men’s Dress Socks (an extra tux shirt wouldn’t hurt either.)

    • I cannot tell you how many times a groom or groomsman has started to get ready and then discovered he is missing socks or shoes (yes, I know a groom who didn’t have shoes on his wedding day.) And once the company failed to include the groom’s custom tux shirt he had ordered. Just give them socks as part of their gift and give them out on the wedding day. That way you know everyone is covered.
  4. Fashion Tape

    • Feel secure in your dress. No need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. Also great for things like hiding straps that keep wanting to show.
  5. Clear Umbrella

    • Again, we live in a rainy part of the world. A clear or all white or all black umbrellas can help. Also, if it looks like your day will be extra stormy, the large golf size umbrellas are worth it.
  6. Tide To-Go Pen

    • Because spills happen.
  7. White chalk

    • To cover stubborn marks on your wedding gown. And because I wouldn’t trust a tide to go pin on certain fabrics. Chalk also means you won’t have to worry about a wet spot.
  8. Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

    • You are bound to either cry or sweat on your wedding day. These sponges are great for quick water-related make up fixes.
  9. Sewing Kit

    • Fabric mishaps happen. I ALWAYS recommend having a sewing kit. In fact, this should probably be much higher on the list. There are also kits that come with pre-threaded needles that can provide extra convenience when keeping a busy wedding day schedule.
  10. Dental Floss

    • Not for what you think. Dental floss is stronger that thread. If there is a dress malfunction and you need to be sewn in, floss is strong enough for the job.
  11. Graphite Stick

    • Us this when those pesky zippers don’t want to work. Graphite sticks will get you back on track. (Sorry couldn’t help myself.)
  12. Large and Small Safety Pins

    • Sometimes issues happen and you have to fix them on the go. Safety pins are a great fix when there isn’t time to break out the sewing kit.
  13. Eyelash Glue

    • Because you don’t want it to be your eye lashes that waving-like-they-just-don’t-care on the dance floor.
  14. Reception Shoes

    • Those gorgeous heels that will take you down the aisle might not be your favorite for dancing the night away. Don't miss a moment of your reception because of sore feet. Have a backup pair of comfy shoes to save your feet. Personally, I like when the more comfortable version still matches the wedding gown somewhat, as opposed to a random pair of flip flops. but you do you. How cute is this pair of low-heeled slip ons?!
  15. Mints/Mini Toothbrush

    • You’ll be visiting with lots of guests all night long. Make it easy to stay minty fresh.
  16. Bobby Pins

    • Obviously. The come in different shades to better match your hair color too.
  17. Tissues

    • Also Obvi.
  18. Bug Wipes

    • Because it often feels like we live in the bug capital of the world! Once at a wedding on Dauphin Island the mosquitos were the size of hummingbirds, true story. And don’t even get me started about some no-seeums on a golf course in early 2021. I ALWAYS keep these in my camera bag and it is a good idea for you to keep them too. Personally, I like the skin so soft wipes. No one wanted to worry about bug spray getting on his or her gown, tux or other formalwear. They also don’t smell as bad as other options.
  19. Chapstick

    • Keep those lips kissable! I've linked to Amazon, but I also really like Fairhope Soap Company's chapstick. It is only available in the store.
  20. Lint roller

    • Stay looking dapper sans fuzzies and pet hair.
  21. Sunscreen

    • This is more for the days leading up to the wedding than the wedding day itself. Again, necessary for the gulf coast. You don’t want raccoon eyes in all of your pictures. And don’t forget to pack it for your honeymoon! I know someone who honeymooned in Dominican Republic and forgot to pack sunscreen and a hairbrush. Guess who spent $80 on sunscreen from the resort? (Answer: Yours truly.) It all turned out well in the end though. Our little gulf coast SPF 35 was no match for that Caribbean sun. Pro Tip: If you are not using a professional makeup artist, try to steer clear of makeup that includes SPF. Those foundations can tend to make skin look a little sweaty in pictures.
  22. Blotting Papers

    • These are good for guys and girls to tame any shine caused by our lovely southern humidity.
  23. Mini First Aid Kit

    • this will have Band-Aids and such for you.
  24. Super Glue

    • Great for a last minute jewelry fix or broken shoe.
  25. Phone charger

    • Stay powered up so you can share those custom Snapchat filters!
  26. Bluetooth Speakers

    • Music is always a good idea! Make sure everyone can hear the playlist while having a dance party getting ready together.
  27. Protein bars/snacks

    • For you and your wedding party. This is a marathon day, not a sprint. Stay hydrated (with more than mimosas) and eat…even when you don’t feel hungry. I have seen a bride pass out during family formals. Pro Tip: If you opt for a sandwich tray, consider skipping the mustard or at least ban it after everyone is in their wedding attire.
  28. Eye Drops/Saline Solution

    • Eye drops for when the rehearsal dinner turns into a late night party or it is pollen season. Saline solution if your contacts are giving you trouble. I have heard good things about Lumify!
  29. Extra Earring Backs

  30. Deodorant

    • Extra sweat protection isn’t a bad idea for a long day when your nerves might be extra active. No one wants to be the stinky kid.
  31. Body Glide/Baby Powder

    • Speaking of hot and sweaty and humid, get these to prevent getting chaffy and sticky.
  32. Tylenol

    • I’m not a doctor so not giving medical advice, but having a painkiller on hand isn’t a terrible idea. The day of my wedding I woke up with a massive migraine. Thankfully we were staying at the Grand Hotel and their spa staff made sure I got the best massage ever. It helped save the day.
  33. Pepcid AC

    • No one wants acid reflux on his or her wedding day.
  34. Benadryl

    • On wedding days, it is always smart to think like a boy scout and always be prepared.
  35. Benadryl Cream

    • Because ant bites. Once on a rainy wedding day, the ants were just coming up from random places on the ground. There were no aunt beds anyone could see and ants were still getting on everyone, including the bride. Thankfully that was just the cocktail area and no one was bothered the rest of the night.
  36. Extra Set of Contacts

    • Another story- once the bride’s contacts ended up in her car that friends took to park at an airport in another state. Thankfully she was able to contact an eye dr who could help. You never know when one of those little suckers might rip too. Always good to have an extra set on hand. I keep an extra set in my gear bag when I have a wedding too. Along with always bringing my glasses. A wedding photographer who can’t see what’s going on isn’t much help to anyone.

Most of these items can help make the first half of your day go smoothly, so you can enjoy getting ready to go say your I Do's! Go here to learn more pro tips for great getting ready pictures.

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