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I absolutely love what I do and want you to absolutely love your photographs. I want to create images for you that will be a part of your legacy. Your children will treasure them and your grandchildren will display them in their homes, like how I have marveled at my grandmother's bridal portrait since I was little.
I am a Certified Professional Photographer.
Yes, our industry actually has a certification. Learn something new every day, right? And, it is a much harder achievement than getting a "Best of" from The Knot. (But those are fun too.)
I work extra hard to be the best wedding photographer for you and I’d love to work with you.
My style is a combination of photojournalism and posed images. I love beautifully exposed skin tones and beautiful light. If we have lovely natural light, awesome. If not, then I'll add the light needed to make a beautiful image.
Most of the time I will have a second photographer. You'll notice the majority of collections I offer include a second photographer, in addition to our assistant.
As of January 2021, traditional collections begin at $2,900 and elopements are $1,200. You can view details about those collections on my pricing page. That being said, each couple is unique. If these collections don't meet your needs, please reach out through my contact page and we can customize a plan for you.
To be officially booked, I require a signed agreement and a non-refundable retainer paid at the time of booking. The retainer is 15% of the total balance. The remaining 85% is divided into two payments. The first is due 8 weeks prior to your event and the second payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding date. Clients always have the option to break down the payments into monthly or quarterly payments, provided that the final balance is paid 2 weeks before the wedding.
Absolutely! I very much enjoy portrait sessions with clients. Engagement sessions, bridal portraits, boudoir sessions, proposals, and post-wedding portraits are options. I'm also happy to take family portraits and book many family sessions in the fall.
I have all of my clients complete a very detailed questionnaire about the wedding day. (if they want a first look, what images are most important to them, how many family formal group pictures, etc.) Then we will meet, discuss their answers, and make a detailed timeline for the day. I also have them make a list of the family formal groups they would like—that way we don’t miss any important shots with your family.
If by "shot list", you mean one of those “must-have wedding shots” lists you’ll find on some blog, then no. I don’t typically use that type of shot list. Any images particularly important to my clients will have been discussed and noted prior to the wedding day.
I am very familiar with the typical wedding day and what pictures need to be taken. Also, if my head is always down looking at a list, then I’m missing the amazing moments happening around me. We certainly don’t want that! That being said, if using a shot list is really really reeeaaaalllly extra important to my client, then sure, I will do it just for them. I like to make sure my clients are happy. (But 99.9% of the time, those lists simply aren't necessary.)
I DO use a list for family portraits that couples provide prior to the wedding. We don't want to miss pictures with special friends and family. Having a list also makes that part of the day more efficient and organized.
Clients are always welcome to show me ideas they found on Pinterest. That being said—I don’t guarantee that we can recreate any specific images. Plus, we want to create images that are unique to the client and their wedding day-not just copy someone else.
For the wedding day, I never put a limit on how many images I deliver. Typically, you can expect to receive around 70-80 edited images per hour that I’m working. For example, an 8 hour wedding day client could expect to receive somewhere between 560-640 images. There are a lot of variables that influence how many images a client receives. The number of the guest in attendance, size of the bridal party, if people are on the dance floor all night... these are just a few of the things that will influence the number of images you will receive.
For portrait sessions, you will receive 30-40 edited images.
You will receive every good image I take, but I do not give clients every frame. Plus, who wants a picture of someone with their eyes closed or an accidental picture of the sidewalk?
I offer beautiful, custom albums in a variety of sizes for the couple, as well as parent albums. They are included in some of the collections or can be purchased a la carte.
Turn around time is 3 weeks for portrait sessions and 3 weeks for weddings.
Yes yes yes. Having the proper insurance is such an important aspect of being in business. I can also provide Proof of Insurance if required by the venue.
I have backups from start to finish. Starting with my equipment, I have backup professional camera bodies, lenses, and flashes. When shooting, I'm using dual card slots that are recording the exact same image on two cards. Finally, the images are uploaded to two hard drives. Accidents happen, sometimes technology fails, and I make sure none of that affects my ability to make and deliver beautiful images on a wedding day. Backups are always with me.
Absolutely. (Seriously, why do we even need this question?)
2021 marks my 8th year in business and I have photographed over 100 weddings.
To keep things simple and fair for everyone, I book on a first-come, first-serve basis. The only way to ensures your date is by signing your agreement and paying the retainer.
As soon as possible. I never want a client to feel rushed or pressured, however, like mentioned earlier, I can’t guarantee a date until an agreement is signed and retainer paid. Typically, I'm booked 6-12 months before the wedding. Because of Covid, bookings are reaching as far out as 18 months. On occasion, clients with a short engagement will reach out 3 months before their date.
Yes, I edit and review each image I deliver. Starting in 2019, the bulk of simple correction editing for weddings will be outsourced. That portion of the whole process is quite time-consuming, and I am happy to have someone better suited for the job do that task. Outsourcing will also help me ensure that your images are delivered on time! Any images chosen for albums will get a full retouching.
I have my suitcase and passport ready! So yes, I am willing to travel. Travel fees will vary.
Absolutely. Understanding light is essential to being a great photographer. I have various ways to light a scene and won't hesitate to use them if I think it is needed. Tending to any Off-Camera flash is my assistant's most important job.

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