The Grand Hotel Wedding-Point Clear Wedding Photographer
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The Grand Hotel Wedding-Point Clear Wedding Photographer

Pro Tips for Having Great Getting Ready Images

  • De-Clutter! You don't have to go al Marie Kondo, but a bunch of random stuff- makeup bags, shoe boxes, etc etc etc-in the background of your images won't look beautiful. Keep as much stuff in the closet, far side of the bed, where ever it will stay hidden
  • Designate your most organized friend to help keep the getting ready room organized and looking good. Side note: it doesn't have to be immaculate, just under control. Lots of people in a hotel room can quickly make a lot of clutter.
  • Plan for extra time to make sure you stay on schedule. Weddings are full of extra excitement. It will most likely take you longer to get ready than you initially expected. Just go ahead and build in an extra 30 minutes or so in your plan. That way, you can just relax and enjoy being surrounded by your besties. When we are relaxed, we do things like smile and laugh and enjoy life. Enjoying life looks awesome in candid photos
  • Decide who you want in the getting dressed pictures and tell them they need to be 100% ready BEFORE it is time for you get into your dress. This will help make your pictures look cohesive. Your mom won't love a picture of y'alls sweet moment if her hair is still in rollers. Trust me, I know that one from personal experience.

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